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Fundación Pan Klub - Museo Xul Solar

Former home of Xul Solar (1887 - 1963) in Buenos Aires, designed as an architectural interpretation of his pictorial space.
Sep 2010

Alejandro Xul Solar is one of the most singular representatives of the vanguard in Latin America. In 1912 he went to Europe where he stayed until 1924, living in Italy and in Germany and making frequent trips to London and Paris. At his return he participated actively in the esthetic renovation proposed by the editorial group of the Martin Fierro journal (1924-1927). Friend of Jorge Luis Borges, he illustrated several of his books and collaborated in various of his editorial enterprises.

The Fundación Pan Klub Museo Xul Solar is an institution dedicated to preserve and make known the work of the artist. Created in 1986 by Micaela (Lita) Cadenas - artist's wife - and Natalio J. Povarché - his marchand -, following the original plans of Xul for the Pan Klub at the end of the 1930s as a cultural meeting place for artists and intellectuals. The Museum opened on 13 May 1993.

More information and extensive photo tour through the museum, showing selected artworks:

>> Museo Xul Solar
Featured within the UiU Special
Art in Buenos Aires 2010.

Fundación Pan Klub - Museo Xul Solar
Laprida 1212
Buenos Aires

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