Gabriel Peluffo Linari - Biographical data

* 1946 Uruguay

Gabriel Peluffo Linari is an architect graduated from the University of the Republic (Uruguay) and an independent national and Latin American art history researcher.

He writes for specialized magazines and is the author of several books: "History of Painting in Uruguay", "Pedro Figari: Art and Industry in the Nineties", "The Office of Illusion", "Torres García: Polemics", "Dislocations. Essays on contemporary art from Latin America", among others.

He has been participating in seminars and colloquia held in Uruguay and abroad since 1985. He teaches and lectures at the University of the Republic (Architecture School and Social Sciences School).

He has curated exhibitions of modern and contemporary art in Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Spain.

He received the Guggenheim Foundation fellowship in 1995 and was a fellow of the Rockefeller Foundation as a member of conference groups at Villa Serbelloni (Italy). He was awarded the National Prize of Literature in the category "essay" in the years 1996 and 2001.

He is Full Member of the National Academy of Letters (Uruguay) and of the National Academy of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires.

He was Director of the Juan Manuel Blanes Museum of Montevideo between 1992 and 2013.

Curator Gabriel Peluffo Linari (left) with artist Mario Sagradini

Uruguay Pavilion

13 May - 26 November 2017, Giardini. Artist: Mario Sagradini. Curator: Gabriel Peluffo Linari. Commissioner: Alejandro Denes Fernández

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