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You Gotta Say Yes to Another Access

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Research Pavilion - Utopia of Access

You Gotta Say Yes to Another Access
11 May - 2 July 2017

Curators: Jan Kaila and Henk Slager

The inaugural event at the Research Pavilion is an exhibition which shows a diverse cross-section of how Nordic artist-researchers from higher art institutions view topical themes such as the openness of art, geopolitics, capitalisation of knowledge and new visual techniques.

Artists: Andrea Coyotzi Borja & Sinem Kayacan, Andre Alves, Behzad Khosravi-Noori & Rene Leon-Rosales, Bull.Miletic, Eva Weinmayr, Mireia Saladrigues, Niran Baibulat, Stacey Sacks, Tao G.V. Sambolec and Vincent Roumagnac.

Exhibition producer: Uniarts Helsinki

Brochure (pdf)

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