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Temples and Rituals

The belief in Iwa; vodou temples and altars. Flags, figures and other ritual objects and their use in the cult.

Vodou Altar

Large altar of the Rada cult, including a wealth of figures, objects, flags, images, etc.

Iwa (spirits)

Examples of the countless lwa, found in diverse regions and temples, as well as other worshipped beings.

Magic Packages, Bizangos

Pake (magic packages) and other ritual objects; Bizango warriors and vessels.

Bizango Room & Altar

The secret societies of the Bizango: Figures of magic fighters, banner, ritual object, a complete altar.


Big mirrors as conduits through which the priests establish contact with the world of spirits.

Presentation of the
exhibition in Berlin:

18 May - 24 Oct. 2010

Ethnological Museum
Lansstr. 8
14195 Berlin

Opening Hours:
Tue - Fri 10 am - 6 pm
Sat + Sun 11 am - 6 pm

Public Transport:
U-Bahn U3, station Dahlem-Dorf.
Busses nos. X83, 110, X11

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