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Christine Tohmé

Curator of Sharjah Biennial 13

Christine Tohmé

Beirut-based curator Christine Tohmé is the founding Director of Ashkal Alwan, the Lebanese Association for Plastic Arts, established in 1993. Ashkal Alwan is a non-profit organisation that supports contemporary art through numerous initiatives including the multidisciplinary platform Home Works: A Forum of Cultural Practices, initiated by Tohmé in 2001. Other initiatives include Video Works, a grant and screening platform supporting the development, production and diffusion of projects by artists and filmmakers residing in Lebanon, created in 2006, and Home Workspace Program, a tuition-free, interdisciplinary study programme founded in 2011.

Tohmé was the recipient of a Prince Claus Award in 2006, given in recognition of her achievements in supporting local multidisciplinary art production and art criticism, as well as the 2015 CCS Bard Audrey Irmas Award for Curatorial Excellence. She is on the boards of Marsa (Beirut), a sexual health centre providing specialised medical services for at-risk youth and marginalised communities, and SAHA (Istanbul), an association supporting contemporary art from Turkey. The seventh edition of Home Works opens on November 12, 2015.

(From press information, September 2015.
Photo: Tarek Moukaddem)


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Sharjah Biennial 13

5 parts, Oct. 2016 - Oct. 2017

Exhibitions, programmes, projects in Sharjah, Beirut, Dakar, Ramallah, Istanbul.

Main exhibition and programme in
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
10 March - 12 June 2017
Opening programme: 10 - 14 March 2017

Title: Tamawuj

President and Director of the
Sharjah Art Foundation: Hoor Al Qasimi

Curator: Christine Tohmé

73 participants in Sharjah

Sharjah Biennial 13

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