CCAA Afghanistan

Concept of a new Center for Contemporary Art in Kabul, initiated and directed by A.W. Rahraw Omarzad.

Nov 2004

Turquoise Mountain

The foundation and its commitment to revive Afghanistan’s traditional arts & crafts, and to regenerate urban areas.

Jul 2008

ESBA Algiers

History and architecture, and how its president views art education and the relationship to the West.

By Knut Ebeling

Jun 2005

MAMA, Algiers

The Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art. Its role in the context of culture, city, and society.

By Nadira Laggoune

Apr 2010

/A.R.I.A/ - Artist Residency in Algiers

Interview with Zineb Sedira about her new international residency program. First guest artist: Nicene Kossentini.

By Yasmina Reggad

Jun 2012

Al Riwaq Art Gallery

Bayan Al Barak Kanoo, director of the gallery, about the foundation of a new international art centre.

By Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt

Jun 2004

Bahrain’s Art Scene

Review of Bahrain’s art and culture scenes: Institutions, galleries, independent art groups.

By Mayssa Fattouh

Oct 2009

Al Riwaq Art Space

The newly renovated art space in Bahrain presents the exhibition "As the land expands".

By November Paynter

Mar 2010


Socially committed organization: Photo agency, gallery, festivals, publications, educational work, etc.

By Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt

Oct 2003

Goethe Institute Egypt

Interview with Johannes Ebert, director of the GI Cairo / Alexandria, regional representative for Middle East & North Africa.

By Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt

Mar 2005

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