Art Scene

Afghanistan’s artistic side

The Afghan Contemporary Art Prize: The shortlisted artists, winner, and the art scene in Afghanistan.

By Constance Wyndham

Jul 2008

Art and curatorial practice in Algeria

Interview with Nadira Laggoune, art critic and curator from Algiers.

By Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt

Oct 2009

/A.R.I.A/ - Artist Residency in Algiers

Interview with Zineb Sedira about her new international residency program. First guest artist: Nicene Kossentini.

By Yasmina Reggad

Jun 2012

Algerian Artists Write the Video Body

Developing the ethical issues that are inherent to the creation of spaces and to attracting audiences for video art’s integration in Algeria.

By Amina Zoubir

Oct 2014

Bahrain’s Art Scene

Review of Bahrain’s art and culture scenes: Institutions, galleries, independent art groups.

By Mayssa Fattouh

Oct 2009

Art Scene & Curators in Egypt

Interview with the independent curator Mai Abu ElDahab on current developments in Egypt.

By Pat Binder & Gerhard Haupt

Mar 2005

Townhouse Gallery

Cairo-based gallery, a center of alternative art in the context of the contemporary Egyptian art scene.

By Negar Azimi

Aug 2004

CiC - Cairo

The Contemporary Image Collective, reflexions and challenges in the face of transformative times.

By Aleya Hamza

Mar 2009

Youth, Art & Controversy

Heated debates surrounding the extreme selectivity of the jury of Cairo's 20th Youth Salon.

By Omnia Shakry

Apr 2009

The Egyptian Surrealists (1938-1965)

The Egyptian Surrealist group and their relationship with their international counterparts. 28 Sept. - 28 Nov. 2016, Palace of Arts, Cairo. Curated by Hoor Al Qasimi, Salah M. Hassan, Ehab Ellaban, Nagla Samir.

By Lucrezia Cippitelli

Oct 2016

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