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Photo tour through the exhibition of contemporary art from the Philippines, presented at Osage Singapore until Feb 2009.

Mar 2009

Leandro Erlich: Hair Salon

Installation consisting of two mirrored rooms, created for the 2nd Singapore Biennale 2008.

By Fumio Nanjo

Sep 2008

September Sweetness

Chaw Ei Thein & Rich Streitmatter- Tran about their pagoda of sugar, a metaphor for eroding optimism in Myanmar.

Sep 2008

Shubigi Rao

The Tuning Fork of the Mind, an installation based on a pseudo-scientific theory about brainwave activity while looking at art.

Sep 2008

Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan

Address and Flight - installations by the Filipino artists, based on collaboration and collection.

By Matthew Ngui

Sep 2008

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