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Jorge Macchi: Perspectiva

First anthology exhibition of the artist in his own country. 18 March - 23 May 2016, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (MALBA). Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio.
Apr 2016

MALBA, Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, presents the first anthology exhibition of Jorge Macchi in his own country, revisiting his 25 years of artistic production. The exhibition includes videos, paintings, installations, sculptures, and works on paper made between 1992 and the present. It is organized in four thematic blocks: (I) Temporality; (II) Maps, cities, situationism; (III) Music, cuts, montages; and (IV) Pictorial phantasmagorias.

The title Perspectiva [Perspective] refers to a look that goes from the present to the artist’s personal and experiential past expressed in his life work. But it also evokes a constant in Macchi’s work: reality’s tendency towards dissolution, and the fictitious quality of the signs that populate the world.

Jorge Macchi has been developing for decades an open work, rigorous yet poetic. He works with everyday images and transforms them with plays of lights and shadows, sequential dynamics and repetition techniques that end up creating suggestive perception effects and altering the consensus vision. The urban environment, the signs of consumer society, and the history of art work as materials that the artist associates or confronts in collision or displacement conditions, generating doubts about the identity of the situations, or even the objects and beings. These manipulations take him to the world of fiction, in its illusionist dimension and into the space between dreams and reality. Macchi uses the emergence and dissolution of the story in situations that do not reach or go beyond the narrative. His works produce a suspense that destabilize the identity of things, and render the image uncertain and disturbing. The world becomes a stage of doubt and melancholy.

The exhibition proposes a journey through Macchi’s work but also his work’s travel across different contexts and countries such as Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and Colombia. It is a continuation, albeit with a different approach, of the recent retrospectives of the artist in Europe: Music Stand Still, SMAK (Ghent, 2011), and Container, Kunstmuseum Lucerne (2013).

Perspectiva goes beyond the halls of MALBA with two big installations. The first one, never seen before in Argentina, is Refracción (2012), and will be exhibited at Torcuato Di Tella University’s Sala de Arte from April 8 until June 3. The second one is a site-specific work made for the Museum of Fine Arts, and will be exhibited from April 15 till July 31, 2016.


Jorge Macchi featured in UiU
On the occasion of Jorge Macchi's anthology exhibition at MALBA, we present a selection of his projects shown at Biennials and exhibitions in different countries featured in UiU since the year 2000.


Jorge Macchi
* 1963 Buenos Aires, Argentina; lives there.

Su primera exposición individual fue en la galería Alberto Elía, en 1989. Entre los eventos internacionales a los que fue invitado se destacan las bienales de Sidney (2012), Liverpool (2012), Lyon (2012), Estambul (2011 y 2003), Venecia (2005), Praga (2005), Mercosur (2003), La Habana (2000) y Cuenca (1991). De manera individual, expuso en el marco de las Bienales del Mercosur (2007) y de Venecia (2005) y en exposiciones organizadas por los museos de Buenos Aires, México, Santiago de Chile, Austin en los Estados Unidos y, en Europa, Gante, Amberes, Lucerna y Berna; y por las galerías Ruth Benzacar (2014-2007), Continua (2014-2009), Peter Kilchman (2012-2006) y Luisa Strina (2007). Participó en exposiciones colectivas en museos y centros de arte contemporáneo, entre otros en el MAC de Lima, el Museo de arte Moderno de San Pablo, el Museo de Arte Moderno, el Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes y en el MALBA de Buenos Aires, el Drawing Center de Nueva York, el Drawing Room de Londres, el Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de California, el Hammer Museum de Los Ángeles, el Walker Art Center de Minneapolis y el Dallas Museum de los Estados Unidos, la Fondation Beyeler de Basilea, la Kunsthalle de Viena y el Pallazo de Arti de Nápoles. Sus obras forman parte de numerosas colecciones privadas internacionales y de importantes colecciones públicas, en particular el MNBA, MALBA y el MAM de Buenos Aires, el MOMA y el Museo del Barrio de Nueva York, la Fondation Daros de Zúrich, la Tate Modern de Londres, el Muhka de Amberes, el SMAK de Gante en Bélgica, el Musac de León en España y el Musée National d’art Moderne – Centre Georges Pompidou de París.

(From press information.
Translation from Spanish: Marina Torres, Universes in Universe)

Jorge Macchi: Perspectiva

18 March - 23 May 2016

Malba - Fundación Costantini
Avda. Figueroa Alcorta 3415
C1425CLA Buenos Aires
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Curator: Agustín Pérez Rubio

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