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Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan


Special Feature by UiU

Located approximately 150 km from Tokyo, KENPOKU, in the North of Ibaraki Prefecture, is a region blessed with beautiful scenery of hills, mountains, green forests and the pacific ocean. With copper and coal mine industries developing early on in its history, and with the development of the infrastructure and key industries in the Meji era, the region played a major role in Japan’s modernization thereafter.

Having been the home of a group of artists around Tenshin Okakura who worked toward developing modern Japanese art and aesthetics, and later on the natural stage of The Umbrellas by internationally acclaimed artist Christo, and with its several universities today, the region is a hub for the development of both art, as well as science & technology in Japan.

It is art that makes the integration of nature, science/technology, and humanity possible. The organizers of KENPOKU ART have the conviction that only art can reveal a new vision for the future by bringing together diverse creative minds, encouraging collaboration beyond individual fields of work and activities rooted in the community. By highlighting the appeal of KENPOKU's resources through the power of art, the festival aims to discover new values and revitalize the region



KENPOKU ART Executive Committee
Chair: Masaru Hashimoto, the governor of Ibaraki Prefecture
978-6 Kasahara-cho,
Mito-shi, Ibaraki, 310-8555
Website / Email

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