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Kotzia Square

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Kotzia Square
10551 Athens

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documenta 14 in Athens, Greece
8 April - 16 July 2017

Artistic Director: Adam Szymczyk
Approx. 200 participants

Rasheed Araeen:
Shamiyaana - Food for Thought: Thought for Change. 2016-17
Canopies with geometric patchwork, cooking, and eating
Ground operation by Organization Earth

* 1935 Karachi, Pakistan.

Square in front of the City Hall of Athens.

Rasheed Araeen presents an open structure that considers the environmental dynamics of the square and revitalizes its activities through a gesture of hospitality. Under canopies inspired by the shamiana (a Pakistani traditional wedding tent) but reduced to a few colors and geometric patterns, Araeen invites people to sit together and enjoy a meal while reflecting on possible scenarios for social change. The food served is based on recipes from around the Mediterranean, prepared on the spot by Organization Earth.
(From a text by documenta 14)

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