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More places of interest in Buenos Aires

Basílica del Pilar

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, inaugurated in 1732. At the Claustros del Pilar there is a museum of art from the 14th to 19th Century.

La Recoleta Cemetery

Considered one of the most famous cemeteries worldwide, due to its historical importance and artistic quality.

National Library

Outstanding building work by architect Clorindo Testa, with F. Bullrich y A. Cazzaniga, constructed between 1972 and 1992.


Open-air museum along Caminito Street in the port area of La Boca. Colorful houses of wood and corrugated iron, sculptures, reliefs, popular art.

Art Destination Buenos Aires
Discover Buenos Aires as a vibrant
center of contemporary art with a
rich art history and cultural heritage

In addition to art museums and art spaces in separate sections, in this area we present more sites of cultural and historical heritage in the city of Buenos Aires.


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