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Universes in Universe - Worlds of Art is online since February 1997 - that means, it is one of the very first art portals. The German curator and art critic Gerhard Haupt and the Argentine artist Pat Binder developed the project in mid-1996, just three years after it became possible to display images within text pages on the Internet.

As the intensification of Haupt & Binder's professional work with the new possibilities of the Internet, UiU was created as a reaction to Western Europe- and US-centered cultural perspectives. The name Universes in Universe points out the multifaceted universal values within all the cultures and individuals, defending at the same time their uniqueness, despite of all the interactions and increasing interconnectedness.

Published in English, German, and Spanish, Universes in Universe is an essential resource for multipliers who shape public opinion, among them art critics, journalists, curators, heads and employees of cultural institutions, gallerists, artists, art collectors, patrons, as well as friends of the arts from all over the world.

The clarity of the information structure, the visual richness, as well as the context references make the UiU coverages and special features very popular among art professionals, the media, and the general public.

Universes in Universe cooperates with institutions, event organizers, galleries, groups and individuals worldwide, in the sense of a production, promotion and consulting agency, also developing contents and activities for contracting partners, in particular from the cultural sector, and increasingly more from the field of cultural tourism.

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Pat Binder & Dr. Gerhard Haupt GbR
Initiators, direction, realization

Heilbronner Strasse 3
D-10779 Berlin

Email: contact(at)u-in-u.com

Web: http://u-in-u.com

Phone: [+49 30] 445 78 23


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