Leila Alaoui: An Artist to Remember

About the Franco-Moroccan photographer who died in the 2016 Ouagadougou terrorist attack. Her family is establishing a foundation in Morocco, to keep her legacy alive, and continue her work linking art with social action.

By Hannah Kugel

Jun 2016

Birzeit University Museum: Unlike Other Springs

The pioneering institution in Palestine and the dedicated work of a community to create a vivid cultural experience away from setbacks of the political reality. Based on an interview with founder Vera Tamari.

By Inass Yasin

Jun 2016

A Syrian Chronology

Atassi Foundation's inaugural project will first be shown as part of Art Dubai Projects, 16 - 19 March 2016. Produced by Hala Alabdalla and Khaled Barakeh.

Mar 2016

Alya Sebti - head of ifa Gallery Berlin

The Moroccan-born art historian will be in charge of the gallery of the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (ifa) in Berlin as of 1 April 2016.

Mar 2016

Disrupted Intimacies

Graduates of The International Academy of Art, Palestine. 4 - 18 Nov. 2015, French - German Cultural Center, Ramallah. Photos and curatorial text by Tina Sherwell.

Dec 2015

The Sursock Museum in Beirut

Repositioning the Sursock Museum in Beirut's current challenging context after 8 years of closure. Interview with director Zeina Arida.

By Laurence Cornet

Nov 2015

Modern art comes from Tehran to Berlin

The Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art will present masterpieces from its important Western art collection together with works by Iranian artists in Berlin, Germany.

Oct 2015

1971 Gallery Space

ZERO: Inaugural show at the non-profit design gallery on Flag Island, Sharjah, UAE. Local designers using recycled or sustainable materials, 11 March - 23 May 2015.

Apr 2015

NYUAD Art Gallery Inaugural Show

New York University Abu Dhabi opened its new Art Gallery with a show that takes Saadiyat Island as its starting point.

Dec 2014

A Certain Departure For New Horizons…

Interview with Hind El Ayoubi, Conservator at the Museum Mohammed VI for Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat, after its opening.

By Elisabeth Piskernik

Dec 2014

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