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Other places of interest in Sharjah

Souk Al Arsah

One of the oldest market places in the UAE. New and antique handicrafts, medicinal herbs, carpets, souvenirs.

Central Souk or Blue Souk

The Souk al-Markazi, designed as a bazaar on a grand scale, is one of the most impressive landmarks of Sharjah. In two interconnected buildings there are more than 600 shops.

Al Noor Mosque

Often regarded as the most famous mosque of Sharjah. Completed in 2005, influenced by classical Turkish Ottoman architecture. Open for non-muslim visitors.

Sharjah Aquarium

With over 250 species, the Aquarium showcases the variety of marine life native to the seas around the UAE. Opened in 2008, it covers an area of 6500 sq m.

Arabia's Wildlife Center

The zoological park houses the world's largest collection of Arabian wildlife. Located at Sharjah's Desert Park, about 25 km from the city.

Art Destination Sharjah
Discover Sharjah as a center of contemporary art with a rich cultural heritage
In addition to museums of art and cultural heritage, art spaces, archaeological sites in separate sections, in this area we present other places of interest in the city of Sharjah.

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