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Archaeological sites in the Emirate of Sharjah

Archaeological sites - Fast Tour

The photo tour gives an overview of the archaeological sites at the Emirate of Sharjah which are presented individually in this section.


Settlement from c. 900 BCE until its destruction between 800 and 600 BCE. Located very close to the University City of Sharjah.

Fort of Mleiha

Structure of an almost square shaped building of some 60 x 55 metres, with a large interior courtyard. An already preserved and roofed site.

Umm an-Nar Tomb

Circular stone construction, measuring 13.85 m in diameter. Located at the archaeological site of Mleiha, dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE.

Tombs at the foot of Jebel Faya

Very close from the restored Umm an-Nar tomb in Mleiha, there are others at the at the eastern foot of the of the Jebel Faya massif.

Jebel Faya, rock shelter

Excavation site at the eastern slopes of Jebel Faya, a rockshelter and the area in front of it. The oldest archaeological finds date from 125,000 years ago.

Jebel al-Buhais

Necropolis, containing numerous graves from the beginning of the 5th millennium BCE until the Late Iron Age (600-300 BCE).

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Extensive archaeological surveys have been carried out in the Emirate of Sharjah. The oldest finds date from 125,000 years ago. In this section we present some of the most important excavation sites and archaeological attractions.

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