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documenta 14, 2017

Athens, Greece
8 April - 16 July 2017

Kassel, Germany
10 June - 17 September 2017

Working title:
Learning from Athens

Artistic Director: Adam Szymczyk

Team of curators, advisors, assistants

documenta 14 in Athens

Even though the documenta opens quite soon in Athens, there is still very little information provided by the organizers. By researching in Greek publications we have found some details which we are sharing, including venues and a cavalcade opening event 'recreating' Parthenon frieze scenes.
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Learning from Athens

Artistic Director: Adam Szymczyk

Adam Szymczykdocumenta 14 is organized by Artistic Director Adam Szymczyk, together with an international team of curators, advisors, assistants. Szymczyk was born in 1970 in Piotrków Trybunalski, Poland. Before working for documenta, he was Director and Chief Curator of Kunsthalle Basel. See the biography.


Why Athens together with Kassel?

Artistic Director Adam Szymczyk has proposed a twofold structure for the exhibition, as reflected in the working title "Learning from Athens." In 2017, Kassel and the Greek capital will host the exhibition on an equal footing: Kassel has relinquished its hitherto undisputed position as the central exhibition venue in favor of another role, namely that of a guest in Athens. The different locations and divergent historical, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds of Kassel and Athens have come to bear on the actual process of creating the two parts of the exhibition, while inspiring and influencing the individual works of art at the same time.

For documenta 14, participating artists have been invited to think and produce within the context of the emerging dynamic relationship between these two cities and to develop a work for each of the two locations. documenta 14 seeks to encompass a multitude of voices in, between, and beyond the two cities where it is situated, reaching outside the European context from the vantage point of the Mediterranean metropolis of Athens, where Africa, the Middle East, and Asia stand face to face. The physical and metaphorical distance between Kassel and Athens fundamentally alters the way visitors will experience documenta 14—bringing into play feelings of loss and longing while redefining their understanding of what such an exhibition can be.
From press information, more…


Athens, Greece
8 April - 16 July 2017
6 and 7 April: Press conference and preview for press and professionals

see our special page for Athens


Kassel, Germany
10 June - 17 September 2017
7 - 9 June: Press conference and preview for press and professionals

Venues in Kassel:
(as far as is known, not yet confirmed)
Friedrichsplatz: Parthenon of Books by Marta Minujín
Neue Galerie
Also planned are venues between the center and the northern part of Kassel, possibly including: General post office at Untere Königsstrasse, Campus of Kassel University at Holländischer Platz, area around Philipp-Scheidemann-Haus/Halitplatz (all these are not yet confirmed).



All artists have been invited to visit Athens and Kassel beforehand, and to develop an art project for each place. The final location of the artworks will be decided in a discussion with the curators. In the end, there could be artists who decide to only exhibit at one of the exhibition sites.

As we have been told by the documenta 14 press office, there won't be a list of artists published in advance, but one could deduce artistic positions and themes of the exhibition from the magazine South as a State of Mind.
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Daybook & Reader, documenta 14
documenta 14 will be accompanied by two books: Daybook and Reader. Published in English and German by Prestel Verlag, Publishing Group Random House GmbH, Munich, Germany. Publishing date: 8 April 2017
see the preannouncement


South as a State of Mind

South as a State of Mind is a magazine that was founded by Marina Fokidis in Athens in 2012. Beginning in 2015, the magazine temporarily becomes the documenta 14 journal, publishing four special issues biannually until the opening of the exhibition in Athens and Kassel in 2017. These special issues are edited by Quinn Latimer, documenta 14’s editor-in-chief of publications, and documenta 14 artistic director Adam Szymczyk. The documenta 14 South is conceived as a place of research, critique, art, and literature that parallels the years of work on the d14 exhibition overall, one that helps define and frame its concerns and aims. As such, the journal is a manifestation of documenta 14 rather than a discursive lens through which to merely presage the topics to be addressed in the eventual exhibition. Writing and publishing, in all their forms, are an integral part of documenta 14, and the journal heralds that process. The online edition of the d14 South as a State of Mind features select content from the print magazine, as well as occasional additional commissions specifically conceived for the digital platform.
from documenta 14 website


Public Programs

documenta 14’s Public Programs started on September 14, 2016 at the Athens Municipality Arts Center at Parko Eleftherias (Freedom Park), followed by weekly activities including public talks, performances, reading groups, workshops, screenings, and presentations. Until the opening of documenta 14’s exhibition in Athens on April 8, 2017, the Athens Municipality Arts Center at Parko Eleftherias transforms into an experimental public space, introducing numerous Greek and international artists, theorists, historians, and curators.
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Keimena Film Program

A weekly broadcast of films presented by the Hellenic Broadcasting Corporation (ERT), and organized by documenta 14. By relying for its presentation on ERT, Greece's public television broadcaster, the project aims to extend documenta 14’s scope into viewers’ homes, imagining and constituting new and different publics.

Keimena runs on ERT2 every Monday at midnight; the duration of the broadcasts varies according to the running time of the films. Additionally, the films will be available for streaming via webtv.ert.gr for seven days after each broadcast. Further information on the program, short introductory sequences in Greek with English and German subtitles, as well as the first few minutes of the films will be available on the documenta 14 website after they aired.
more about and program

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D-34117 Kassel
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