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Sightseeing Walks and Tours

A walk through the old part of Recoleta

From the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes to Palais de Glace, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Basilica Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the Cemetery, National Library and other sights nearby.

From the Malba through Palermo Chico

From the Malba to the Museo de Arte Decorativo via Museo de Arte Popular, Casa Victoria Ocampo and other sites, along monuments and interesting buildings.

Proa and other sites at La Boca

The Proa Foundation, the colorful Caminito passage, Museo Quinquela Martín, along the riverside promenade of the Riachuelo to the old Bridge. With a detour to the Usina del Arte.

Art Destination Buenos Aires
Discover Buenos Aires as a vibrant
center of contemporary art with a
rich art history and cultural heritage.

Walks and tours through several quarters
of Buenos Aires with information and photos
of art venues and other places of interest

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Art Museums
Museums of modern and contemporary art,
art historical collections

Art Centers
Exhibition centers for contemporary art

More places of interest
Sites of cultural and historical heritage

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